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Our mission is to enable our utility clients to improve performance results by adapting the best practices of world-class companies.

"It is better to know some of the questions than all of the answers."  ~James Thurber

"You cannot get answers to questions you never ask."  ~ Ron Doades

"We help you ask the right best-practices questions."              ~Ron Doades    

RDC News

We are currently planning three best-practices initiatives:

Making Sustainable Driver Safety a Living Reality—Winter-Spring 2018

All companies aspire to this reality, but very few are able to achieve it. What lessons can be learned from those few world-class safety-performing companies?

This is the primary question we will be seeking to answer in our planned best-practices initiative.

Funding Real R&D Value--Spring 2018

Most utility R&D executives lament the fact that their company spends less than two-tenths of one percent of annual revenue on R&D. Many non-utilities spend up to 7% of annual revenue on R&D. The primary difference is the significant expenditures on product development at those competitive-world companies. From a utility perspective, the key (long unanswered) question is: How much do leading non-utility companies spend on non-product development R&D? The answer to that question can be very helpful to those utility executives in making the case for greater R&D spending. This key question and related ones (e.g., outcome measures) will be the subject of this confidential R&D best-practices initiative.

Managing Your Unique Disaster Risks—Summer 2018

Some utilities experience great unforseen challenges in responding to environmental disasters (hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, fires, etc). Why is this so? The apparent answer is: each utility has a unique operating environment accompanied by unique disaster and hazard risks. Existing emergency management plans and procedures, while comprehensive, are often generically based, focusing more on the common features across many companies, while failing to adequately incorporate the uniqueness of the particular utility situation (e.g. culture, environmental factors, decision-making processes, leadership styles, accessibility to supplemental response resources...) This initiative will seek to learn how leading nonutilities are able to successfully manage a wide range of unique disaster situations.

Contact Ron Doades for more details on any of these planned best-practices initiatives:

Ron's new book - Realizing You: A Novel Approach to Changing Your Life

"Ron Doades and Susan Sloate [are] paving the way for a new breed of 'self-help fiction' with their novel Realizing You... The different perspectives of five protagonists make for a vivid read... Realizing You is, ultimately, the best format for absorbing hard lessons in self transformation."

--D. Donovan, Senior eBook Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

SnapShot Best-Practices

Our SnapShot™ best-practices method has been helping our clients effectively address immediate, pressing challenges by adapting proven best-practices solutions of leading industrial companies. This proprietary method consists of specially designed e-surveys and phone interviews with companies that demonstrate success in the particular area of investigation. Clients have achieved significant improvements in such areas as reducing inventories, funding of safety activities, and establishing dual career paths for technical employees.    



"We want to optimize workforce performance, not minimize the number of performers."

Plant Manager, MillerCoors

"Working with Ron Doades on best practices is itself a best practice." 

- Senior Vice President of a Large Midwestern Utility


Safety Management Workshop: 

Making Safety Behavior a Positive Personal Imperative-Not a Cumbersome Job Requirement

This combination one-day best-practices workshop at your facility and two individual webinars with best-in-class companies will help people at all levels of your company to better understand the personal and business commitments for safe and healthy behavior.  Please contact Ron Doades at for more information about this high-impact safety workshop.

"Our safety workshop with Ron Doades left everyone in the room-from vice president to assistant general foremen-with a much better understanding of what each can do individually to heighten safety awareness in their work areas on a daily basis, and with a high-level plan for improving safety performance. A lot of value for one day."

- Senior Vice President, CPS Energy

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