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Best Practices Initiatives
Our clients have realized unparalleled value from participating in Ronald Doades & Company’s TopMarks™ best practices initiatives. During the past 11 years, over 60 North American utilities have learned how to implement world-class best practices.

Our applied learning model is based on the premise that the achievement of excellence in the industry must be based on lessons learned from companies outside the industry. We implement the model by facilitating face-to-face meetings for our clients with world-class companies. Our organized, interactive, informal approach to best practice company meetings maximizes the learning experience. Client personnel learn how to bring about change by adapting and implementing best practices. Through a series of client-tailored seminars and workshops at the conclusion of each initiative, we help our clients gain buy-in of and plan for implementing important lessons learned.

"To participate in a best practice initiative with Ronald Doades and Company is itself a best practice."
—Support Services Manager, FirstEnergy

We constantly have best practice initiatives at various stages of development and completion:

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We would love to hear about your ideas for new initiatives where your company might benefit from implementing lessons learned from leading companies outside your industry. Please e-mail your ideas to
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