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Expanding Supply-Chain Business Value 

Business challenge: To continue to expand the role of supply-chain activities in meeting corporate financial, societal and environmental objectives.

Learning opportunity: To gain first-hand knowledge of how leading non-utility companies have implemented management practices and processes in engaging internal stakeholders and external supply-chain partners in improving corporate profits and in meeting the company's commitments to safeguarding the environment and welfare of employees and customers.

Learning venues: Specially prepared e-survey, accompanies by learning webinars.


Meeting Multi-Generational Workforce Management Challenges

          Meeting Multi-Generational Workforce Management Challenges

                               Best-Practices e-Survey We


The rapidly changing demographic/age distribution of the utility workforce requires a dramatic departure from the traditional hierarchical leadership approach.

Leadership Challenges:

  • Educating/coaching current and future first-line supervisors on multi-generational job and workplace expectations
  • Reconciling (often competing) loyalties to personal and corporate values
  • Building leadership and intra-group relationships
  • Creating and leading great workplace teams
  • Minimizing (mainly electronic) workplace distractions
  • Accommodating multi-generational communications preferences
  • Advancing more diverse and flexible training opportunities and modes
  •              Initiative Process:

  • Development of e-survey questions in conjunction with participating utilities
  • E-survey of ten leading non-utility companies
  • Webinar and written reporting of survey findings
  • Participative (deeper-dive) webinar with leading best-practices company webinar
  • Final written report
  • Participant-specific webinar to discuss final results and outline plans for implementing lessons learned
  •              Deliverables:

  • Within seven weeks: Report and webinar covering the e-survey results
  • Within eleven weeks: Final report
  • Within thirteen weeks: Participant-specific webinar









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