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Sustaining Reliability Excellence - Part 2
Driving need: The imperative for power plant management to operate at optimum levels of reliability and cost.

Core issues:
  • How do best practice companies continuously focus on the bottom-line reliability impacts of resource allocation decisions, as opposed to merely the operational process/outcome impacts
  • What processes are best for continually refining key performance indicators, and what creative approaches have resulted in effective leading indicators of reliability outcomes
  • What organizational alignments and distributions of reliability management responsibilities produce the best results
  • What means are most potent for standardizing reliability management processes and procedures across multiple locations
  • How do best practice companies sustain continuous employee behavioral and organizational cultural change aimed at maximizing plant reliability performance
  • How are senior executives kept intimately engaged in leading the pursuit of reliability excellence
  • How do best practice companies acquire/develop requisite reliability management skill sets
  • What are the most effective means and modes for identifying, evaluating and implementing new reliability enhancing technology
  • How do best practice companies effectively collect, analyze and convert equipment performance data into actionable reliability management decision-making information
  • How are plant-floor employees continually educated and enabled to deploy root-cause and equipment performance analysis tools
  • What processes and means have best practice companies found most effective in constantly focusing employees on reliability improvement opportunities
  • What reliability-inclusive reward and incentive plans provide the greatest continuing motivation for the workforce
  • What are the best means for continuously holding employees accountable for reliability performance results
  • What processes and systems have best practice companies implemented for capturing the best reliability/maintenance knowledge of older workers?
Best-practices companies: Alcoa, Ash Grove Cement, Cargill, Dofasco, Eastman Chemical, International Paper, J.M. Smucker, Timken Steel, Valero Energy, Whirlpool

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