Established 1977
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Since 1977, Ronald Doades & Company has served over 90 North American energy utilities. During the past 17 years, over 80 energy companies have participated with us on one or more of our nearly 40 best practices initiatives. Specific references are available on request.

Here's what some of our clients have said about the benefits of our work:

"Our participation in the Doades' Safety Best Practices Initiative triggered an awareness of how our culture needed to evolve in order for us to reach higher levels of safety performance. We are well on our way to implementing several of the best practices that we observed during the initiative, including a new approach to safety metrics. We are confident that further implementation of the lessons we learned will help us to reach to the pinnacle of safety excellence—zero injuries."

—Paul Turregano, Manager, Safety, Cleco Corporation

"Ron (Doades) provided access to executives and professionals of some of the best-run companies...who through presentation and dialog shared with us their strategies and how-to-do methods...many I found directly transferable to our industry."

—Tom Zaffarano, Former (Manager Supply Operation), Exelon

"The insights gained from the two SnapShot™ initiatives RDC conducted for our utility really changed how we manage our daily workflow. For the first time, we have effective performance measures to track meter installations and repairs; we have successfully reduced open work orders from 45,000 to below 15,000 through our implementation of best practices. Our work efforts are better focused, and efficiency keeps rising. This was really time well spent."

—Supervisor, Meter Services, Major Northeast Utility

"To participate in a best practice initiative with Ronald Doades and Company is itself a best practice."

—Support Services Manager, FirstEnergy

"Our safety workshop with Ron Doades left everyone in the room—from vice president down to assistant general foremen—with a much better understanding of what each can do individually to heighten safety awareness in their work areas on a daily basis, and with a high-level plan for improving safety performance. A lot of value for one day."

—Senior Vice President, City Public Service of San Antonio

"Participation in a Ron Doades sponsored best practice review is like being invited into the kitchen with Julia Child! Each of the three initiatives that I have participated in has been thoroughly organized, enriched with thought-provoking questions, and topped off with exposure to the policymakers and practitioners that have set the standard for the best practice implementation. For dessert you always get an insightful look at the lessons learned, and the opportunity to discuss with your peers approaches to adopting the recipe for your own company."

—Former Director, Supply Chain Management, NStar

"The RDC initiative of first-level supervisory practices gave us fresh ideas and the methods to make meaningful change in our work management approach. It was easy to relate to the changes going on in the companies we visited and see first hand how their management approaches could be beneficial in our business. The lesson learned for me was that these high-performance companies have a common theme, they’ve unleashed their people power by getting to understand and focus on their core values."

—Manager of Operations, Mid-sized Eastern Utility

"The best practices work that Ronald Doades & Company does for us is the best consulting value that our company has received in my 25 years with the company."

—Senior Vice President of Power Production, Midwestern Utility
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